Khotbah Topic: The importance of Jum3ah

Intro: Inna Alhamda lilah, nahmadoho wanasta3inoho wanastagfiroho

“ Oo you who believe, fear Allah the way he should be feared and do not die unless on a state of Islam”

“ O you who believe, when the call is made for the salat on Friday come to the remembrance of Allah and salat and leave of business (and every other thing) That is better for you if you know”
Allah swt made it so important that the sura that this verse was revealed in was named surat Al-jum3a, and the creator of the universe orders the muslims to fulfill this obligation which will bring them success in this life and in the next.

Friday, what a beautiful day for the muslim ommah to meet on, the prophet (s) said that the best of all days is Friday, on it was created adam, and on it he entered heaven, and on it he was taken out of it, and that the day of judgmenet will not happen accept on a Friday.

And the prophet s said “ On Friday there is an hour, if a muslim makes do3a in that hour his do3a is accepted, and this hour is after asr.”

And the prophet a.s said “ Increase from your salams on me on Fridays”

Friday is a great day in a muslims life, and it’s the weekly eeid of the muslims, world wide, where millions of muslims gather to hear the words of Allah and his prophet (s) just like you are now, think of while, while your sitting here, a brother all the way in Russia, he can have the sam name as you, and he could be your age, is sitting jum3a, and not long from now.tens of countries will enter into the time of jum3a and do what we are doing here, so you may not feel it, but Allah swt unites the Ommah on Friday worldwide to worship Him.

Allah says “ leave of business (and every other thing) That is better for you if you know”

Allah wants us to stop everything and go, when its time to pray straight away with no delays,
Even if you are working, you still have to pray jum3ah, even if you are at school, jum3ah is Fard.

Some of the companions when they used to hear the azan for prayer, if they were raising an axe aiming it to hit the gorund and the azan is called while the axe is in the air they wont even hit the ground with it.

The Ruling on Jum3a
Let all of us know that salat al-jum3a is FARD (compulsory) on the following people:
Every free muslim male, who has reached the age of puberty, who is not sick, who has a stable mental status, and can reach to salat al-jum3a and has no excuse for missing it.

So these conditions apply on nearly all of us sitting right here, which makes salat al-jum3ah fard on each one of us, and missing out on it would bring sayeaat

Let us make sure that we come on the day of judgment and that we have not missed a jum3a that Allah swt had orderd us to perform

2nd Khotbah
Small intro: Alhamdo lilah wassala wassalam ala rasool Allah amma ba3ed,

What are the things we should do on Fridays, from the Quran and sunnah they are:
1- Having a shower (ghusul) – highly recomended
2- Wearing clean clothes and putting perfume on(men only)
3- Coming early to the prayer
4- Praying nawafel (extra prayers) before the khotbah begins
5- Once the khotbah begins, there should be complete silence , the prophet even mentioned that if a person tells his friend to be quite during the khotbah that will place your rewards at risk.
6- Buying and selling is haram during jum3ah
7- It is recommended to read surat Al-kahf in the night of Al.jum3a
8- To increase from sending salam to the prophet (s) by saying sala Allaho alihi wassalam
9- To make a lot of do3aa on Friday

So brothers, remember these points and remind each other, and don’t be of those who come on the day of judgment and they didn’t fulfill Allahs orders and didn’t pray their prayers, indeed these are the loosers, we ask Allah swt to have mercy on us and all the muslims .

Final do3a
Allahoma salli ala mohamad wa aali mohamad kama salaita ala ibrahim wa aali ……

O Allah protect the muslim youth..

O Allah have mercy on the muslimeen ajma3een